On this site you will find the general describtion of our software tool AgentMaker, which – no surprise – is programmed to create the zero-population of the model, but also to provide a GUI to run and post-process the simulation. We will try to make the AgentMaker available to you as soon as it is in a fully functional state for all users (which may take some time). But here you can see how the GUI looks:

You can set different parameters for the model in general (i.e. number of iterations and agents), model specific parameters like the share of relationships (which can also be read in as CSV) and some simulation parameters (how many cores should be used, etc). On the last tab you can either run the complete simulation or go step-by-step creating the zero-population, running the simulation, reading in the resulting XML-files and cleaning the directory from useless files.

In the creation of the zero-population, the ideas on the Creation of Paired Agents are implemented. So far, the starting population is generated on a single core, but is planned to be adapted for multi-core processors. The simulation as well as the parsing-process already support multiple cores.

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